There's soul in friendship ;)

Hey there peeps! ;D miss me? ahah! I know you guys missing me. It's been a while since my last update rite. It's a lot to talk but where am I suppose to start? :/

There's something that I want to share. Do you all know what's the real meaning of 'FRIENDSHIP'? Don't talk about friendship if you didn't really appreciate who was there with you while you are half dead, when you have nothing left but a friend, when there's nobody cares what you're doing and the one that actually come to you and lead their ears to hear your problems, the one who always there to brighten your day, the one that help you to stand up when you're falling in life. 

After they help you, what do you do? you dump them? I did that. I actually did that and I feel so bad about it. Everybody have the one thing that's call feeling. Even you can't actually feel the hurt but they does and sometimes they tense to remember what you've done to them. It's hard to forgive and forget. That trust tense to fade day by day and the end there's no more trust and you're dead zombies.

I've realize that we are no longer like we used to be. But it's okay at least I know it's my fault. Ignoring you because of your friends. I felt like stranger. There's no more chit chatting, the laugh, no more pakcik bebel. I miss that thing. I feel the awkwardness. There's lots of things that we wanna share with you. But never mind. There's nothing important i guess :) 


Okay, hari ni tadi start exam. Fhew d(")b starting mcm biasa paper yang basic dulu then last SEJARAH!! ni dah masuk tahap kritikal dah. I am panicking rite now. Teacher, be kind to us :') Tomorrow paper English dengan KH. Oh! :0 KH baru je baca form 1 ._. 

>.<  Eurghh! tinggalkan bab exam tu. *shuhshuh* Okay, nanti cuti seminggu nak pergi satu butik ni pakai buat kerja khusus SEJARAH ^^ hehe Ainun be prepared okay laling :p dapat jumpa sifu *tabik* Aku actually mmg nak bukak butik pun ;) Insyallah nanti rajin2 la datang buat investment dekat butik aku wahai sekalian manusia (y)

Hmmm ~ Nak prepare untuk next paper esok ;) good luck dudes! 


Labieu Peeps! :D